About Me

My formal education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife & Fisheries Biology from UC Davis & a Master of Marine Science from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories (a CA State University facility).

After completing my masters degree I worked happily for 20 years in marine science; teaching and doing research with the California Department of Fish & Game and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. After the birth of my 2nd son I retired to be a full time mom.  We soon added several horses to the family.  I began trimming their hooves and discovered I wanted more in depth training.  From this sprang my fascination with natural hoof care. In 2006 I began my professional studies and soon thereafter launched "The Good Hoof".  I am a proud graduate of the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners (PHCP) training program and have served on the board of directors of this organization.  To learn more about PHCP and natural hoof care visit their website:
I have been involved with horses since my childhood.  As a youngster I worked at a stable to earn riding lessons & save money to purchase & care for my own horse. I was a member of the Black Mountain Junior Hunt Club and showed primarily in equitation and hunter-jumper classes in central California.  In college, though I no longer had a horse of my own, I taught riding at the UC Davis Equestrian Center. I then had a period of  horse-less-ness during my career as a marine scientist.  However, in 1999 I plunged back into the world of horses. I became a serious student & advocate of natural horsemanship & continue in this area, while enjoying trail riding, horse camping & an occasional competition.
Our equine family includes Lash LaaRue (Arabian), Zephyr (a Mustang, adopted from the BLM; born in the Red Rock Herd Management Area, NV) and Sparkler (Rocky Mountain mare).  They are all sound & barefoot.
                           CONTACT INFORMATION

                           Cell Phone: (831) 588-7043


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