Resources & Research

The Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners (PHCP) resource page is an excellent source of information with links to informative websites.Click on the PHCP logo below to access this information:

Some of my other favorites are listed below:

Debra R. Taylor, DVM: Every Hoof Has A Story, Is the Hoof Smart? Adaptability of the Equine Hoof: Dr. Taylor describes the visual exam of a healthy hoof and how horses' feet can change in response to external factors. Learn about palmar angle, heel pain, and more, plus see 3-D modeling of healthy and unhealthy hooves.

Eleanor Kellon, VMD, nutritional information & the importance of diet

Kathryn Watts, BS.  Safer

Pete Ramey Hoof Rehab article archive(also check out the home page)

Paige Poss, Iron Free Hoof

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